Hello World! Lynkr is here.

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Lynkr is an amazing platform for Social Media Influencers, Marketers, Artists, and even brands alike. It’s for those who want to engage and involve their audience better and put all that is to be seen and clicked out there.
Instagram, Facebook & Twitter only give you a chance to add 1 link (🤔) on your profile/bio but you may have 3 or 4. If this is your case, it is here to help 🙌. 
          Latest post:  Tips – Optimizing Your Twitter Bio with Lynkr.
Lynkr gives you one Never Changing Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Bio-Link pointing to a collection of links that you can manage within the platform.
You can even ⌚schedule when links appear and disappear!
To YouTubers and SoundCloud artists, it lets your fans listen and watch your videos and songs instantly. Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the brands that have realized the power of Lynkr:


1. 🚩 Akothee Foundation –
2. 🚩 Kenyan Report –
3. 🚩 The Institution of Engineers of Kenya –
4. 🚩 The Writers Guild of Kenya –