Going Digital: How to Optimize Social Media Resume on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

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You often hear stories about people’s social media profiles having a negative impact on their job-hunting efforts, but what if you used these profiles as a career booster? You want to optimize social media accounts accordingly.

There are obvious or what you would think are obvious rules about social media profiles: don’t post any of your party pictures from last weekend, keep in mind who you are friends with because their profiles could hurt you as well, refrain from using profanity.

Also, don’t repost articles that might raise eyebrows with companies, check your spelling, the list goes on, but what are the things you can do to create positive buzz around your social profiles?

How to Optimize Social Media Profiles.

Remember that your social media profiles help establish your personal brand. There are several social media accounts that you should improve so as to boost your brand online.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile:

This is a great place to have a presence in the social media world. In LinkedIn, I would recommend having people write your recommendations including; former colleagues, former bosses, former classmates, and teachers.

Another idea is to join groups that are related to your profession, these can show potential employers that you do not just do this for work, but you are truly passionate about what you do and you might even get something out of the conversations that are taking place.

Make sure that you fill out your LinkedIn profile completely and of course accurately. Providing as much information as you can is the best approach, it helps potential employers get an overview of your background. LinkedIn can be used as a great networking tool if used correctly.

Optimize Your Facebook Account:

This is an important one because according to a CareerBuilder survey, 45% of prospective employers use social networks to look up job applicants and Facebook is used more than LinkedIn.

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These employers rejected 35% of candidates because of information on an applicant’s social profile. Now that we know what not to do, how do, you use your Facebook page to make you stand out in a good way.

Being creative, solid communication skills, and looking well rounded are the reasons given for a company choosing an employee where their social profile helped.

Make sure you sound intelligent in your posts, not only what you post about, but also that you use proper grammar and spelling. This means focus on positives like great accomplishments in your life.

You can also create professional groups on Facebook this will help with networking, but also shows your initiative and passion for your career. People have started to use the new timeline to create some amazing resumes, so if you are looking for a creative way to catch an employer’s attention this might be it.

If all of these sounds like too much work, make your page private and change security settings so that potential employers are only able to see what you want them to see.

Optimize Your Twitter Account:

This is yet another way to brand yourself, you can use your Twitter account to Tweet original content about your line of work, promote your personal blog that is work-related, and Retweet interesting articles that relate to your work.


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In Conclusion

All of these things can help you optimize social media profiles and thus promote your professional identity online. Again, make sure to use another medium for your rants and keep things positive and upbeat if you are intending to have this make a positive impact on your professional opportunities.

Social media profiles are becoming a more and more popular way for employers to discover more about their job applicants. Make sure your social media presence is a positive one.

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