10 Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

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Being a platform with about a billion monthly users, Instagram is becoming a great platform for businesses and Instagram influencers. With the right strategy, anyone can build an influential brand on Instagram.

A thriving niched instagram accounts mean targeted website traffic to your website that are more likely to convert into your paying customers.

In this article, we explore some Instagram Marketing Tips that you can use to boost your business and build an influential brand that people would want to buy into or subscribe to.

But first, you need to ensure that you have an Instagram business account.

Set up an Instagram for Business Account.

Before you get started with Instagram marketing, you want to have an Instagram for Business account or an Instagram creator account. Switching to a business profile allows you to create and publish Instagram ads, access Instagram analytics tools, and followers can contact you right from your profile page.

To switch to an Instagram business profile page, you need to:

  • Go to your Instagram app, then your profile and then tap on the hamburger icon at the top right
  • Tap on Settings, then Account
  • Click on connect your account to a Facebook business page if you haven’t done so
  • Add on your business details then click on done.

You now have a business account and can enjoy all the above benefits as they are now unlocked.

Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Your Growth

To be a successful Instagram consultant or influencer, you need to know which kind of content is best suited for your followers. Truth be told, it can be hard to know what kind of posts will engage your audience as well as bring in new ones.

Here are 10 powerful Instagram marketing tips that you can use to empower your tribe, grow your audience and build a sustainable business online.

1: Get Insights from Your Business Account.

This is important, since, by analyzing your account, you can be able to get your Instagram insights, enable Instagram shopping, as well as set up IG ads.

Instagram tools help you track your metrics so that you can better understand your audience. In so doing, you will be able to fine-tune your customer avatar, so that you can better your marketing approach for a particular audience and prospective buyer personas.

Just like on Facebook business profiles, you can use Instagram tools to view statistics such as impressions, engagement data and demographical data about your followers such as gender, locations, peak hours and age-range.

By understanding how your users are interacting with your posts, you can better adjust your social media content strategy to boost engagement.

2: Use a Link in Bio Tool

Instagram doesn’t allow you to add any clickable link in your Instagram posts. But yet, Instagram is the best place where people go looking for inspirations for the products they want to buy, or some content to empower them. The only way to insert clickable links is your bio link.

Instagram Marketing Tips Link in Bio Lynkr

However, if you add a new post, you will always have to go back to editing your profile details so that you can insert your latest link instead.

Now that is annoying, right. The good news is, you no longer have to do that. This is so because there are now links in bio tools that you can use instead. These tools allow you to insert one link on your bio that points out to a page containing all the links that you added.

Lynkr, is such a tool. With our Lynkr Link in Bio tool, you only need to sign up with your Instagram account, add as many links as you want. You will be given your profile link that goes in the line of lynkr.co/username.

Now the next thing that you need to do is to insert this link as your Instagram Bio Link. Once you make a new post, all you need is to come to Lynkr and add a new link pointing out to that particular post on your website, that product on Amazon or that video on YouTube and your Instagram followers will be able to click on it.

Sounds great, right? Get started today. It’s free to use

3: Create Captivating Product Teasers

Well, Instagram is about teasers, so have to get good at it. People come to IG for inspirations, and so if you post great products’ photos they are more likely to follow your account. Once you have their loyalty, they will always come back to you for more.

Posting product teasers on IG can help you sell more products. They are a simple way to talk about your product in an enticingly inspirational way. You sell by not directly selling to them.

4: Get Creative with Instagram Stories.

Think of Instagram stories as a way to show behind-the-scenes of what is happening in your company. Use Instagram Stories to tell a story. From photos, short videos to live videos, you can only run short of your creativity, not the platform.

Many people are viewing Stories more than before.  It is important to know that Stories are only available to the mobile Instagram app, which is great since you can tailor your branding message specifically for people using Mobile. For instance, you could ask people to install an app.

The number of Stories that you can post at any given time is unlimited, so you can actually tell your entire marketing story with Instagram Stories.

5: Optimize Your Profile

When it comes to Instagram marketing, branding is important. You want your profile to tell the right story so that it can attract the right people. Your 150 characters long bio needs to make a great first impression. Bring personality into your Instagram profile.

Other areas to optimize include the following:

  • Profile Photo: Choose the right profile photo. If you are a brand, then stick with your brand logo. Your profile displays at 110 by 110 pixels, cropped to a 110-pixel diameter. However, it is stored at 310 by 320 pixels. When uploading your photo, you should upload a photo that is a bit large so that it still looks good after cropping. Zoom out your logos so that the main message is visible
  • Your name: Limited to 30 characters and is included in the search. Build a strong brand name
  • Username: While most social media accounts don’t allow you to change your username, Instagram does. Your username is also included in the search and is limited to 30 characters
  • Your website: This is your clickable Link in Bio. The best way to optimize this is to insert your Lynkr Profile link
  • Contact info: Tell people where to find you
  • Call-to-action CTA buttons. Give people an easy way to interact with you using buttons such as Follow, Message, Contact, etc.

6: Cross-Promote Your Instagram Posts

Want to give your posts even a wider niche? Post them on your other social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.  Invite your other followers to follow your Instagram profile as well. Since they already love your brand somewhere else, they might not mind doing the same on IG as well.

As a social media influencer, or a brand marketing strategist, you should never assume that every post you make will reach your followers. That said, you want your followers to be connected with you in as many channels as possible, so as to increase the chances of your posts being seen.

A good cross-promotion example is that, when you post a status on Instagram, you want to grab that post’s URL and share it as a Whatsapp or Facebook status, or in some important cases, add it to your newsletter footer.

7: Spark Conversations

This is one of the best Instagram marketing tips if you ask me. Your ultimate goal in social promotion is to let people know that there are living breathing humans behind these faceless accounts. People who understand their pains and can relate to them.

However, achieving high engagements online is not an easy task. First, you have to get people talking. That means you have to think critically about what needs to be posted, how to post and the tone to be used. Once someone leaves a comment to one of your posts, you want to reply.

Let’s pause for a moment. Perfect. Now let’s underline the word REPLY. Actually I had to have it in caps.

It’s not uncommon to see brands copy-pasting a particular content to reply to every question that followers ask on their accounts. Actually that is not a reply at all, even if it starts by saying “Hi John,”

Personalization goes beyond someone’s name.

Let me set a scene:

Someone by the name Vivian leaves a comment on our Lynkr Post on Instagram

Jessica: What a great tool. I am a freelancer, how import ant will this be to my business.

Now a lazy social media strategist would probably reply with:

“Hi Vivian, we have outlined all the benefits here. Please follow this link”

However, Amos, the guy who manages our accounts here on Lynkr, replies with this:

“Hey Vivian, we are over the moon that you love our tool. So welcome to Lynkr family.

As a freelancer, you always want to portray your portfolio everywhere, especially in those places where your prospects hang out. That includes Instagram. With Lynkr profile, you will be able to add all your links to your previous work, and your prospects will have instant access to all your portfolio with just a single click on your Link in Bio on Instagram.

So yeah, we actually built Lynkr with Freelancers too in mind. Want to see how freelancers just like you are using Lynkr, see Mysson’s profile here.

I agree it does take a bit of effort, but, it’s our surest way of closing a sale.

More Instagram Marketing Tips:

We got more!

8: Run Instagram contests:

This way you will grab more leads, gain followers or even sell products

9: Run Instagram Ads:

Yes, spending money with the right promotional strategy can see your business skyrocket in awareness and sales

10: Get Customers to follow your Instagram account

When people purchase from you, they usually enter their email addresses, don’t they? Well, instead of sending a long transactional email that is utterly crappy, why not send a clean Thank You email in the line of:

Hey Jessica,

Thank you for grabbing our Digital Marketing Business Plan. We got to work and we will update you on every process.

For now, why not join our community and see the amazing things that they are building.

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In Conclusion: Instagram Marketing Tips Takeaways

From these Instagram Marketing Tips, it is clear that automation doesn’t really cut the chase. Social media marketing tools only exist to supplement real interactions, not to replace them.